[access-uk] Re: Barclays got it right! Re internet banking security

  • From: "Derek Hornby" <derek.hornby_uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 17:47:57 +0100

 Amro said
"Barclays said that they are providing Pin Sentry devices with high contrast
and high resolution displays, as well as speech output that is provided
through a built in speaker! The device will have a headphone socket for
privacy too. Reasonable adjustment, wouldn't you say?" So,
Yes and no.

What if customer was deaf and blind?
Should a bank only consider certain  disabilities not all?

"I think that Barclays alike some other banks that's been talked about has
got this one right!"

  I  wonder what people would say if a company was to say:
"we will only  offer standard  print and Braille?
I personally don't care because I support the line loyds/TSB are taking.
That said  I do  feel though that far too often the hearing blind
are  given  a bigger slice of the cake, ie  treated  more favourably than

Just look around.

We see talking mobiles (what about Braille textphone in UK?)
We see talking  bus stops (where is the  Braille?)
We see talking  caller  displays  for the  telephones (where is the

We see talking ATM (where is the  Braille?)
There is   audio  descriptions  for TV  (where is the  Braille
subtitles?, and where is Braille  TELETEXT)

WE have radios  (what about  Braille  transcriptions?)

And so  on.


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