[access-uk] Re: BT Spam filtering nonsense

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  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 15:59:54 +0100

We were with Plusnet years ago, before they went silly about the amount of downloading you were allowed to do. Now they are owned by BT.

It looks as though Zen might now have fibre in our area, so maybe a move to them will be an option when our contract is up next month. We went to them from Plusnet, and they were always excellent. We only left them to go to Be because Be could offer us unlimited downloads at a higher speed for cheaper at that point, and we were on a pricey business account to get unlimited with Zen. We only moved to BT because Be were bought out by Sky, which we wouldn't touch with a bargepole, and BT were the only other option.

Really looking forward to seeing the back of BT!


On 17/08/2014 15:43, Peter Beasley wrote:
You could go with Plusnet.

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    Hi Mike, I can only agree with you and the notion of customer
    serviceand of being able to answer technical questions is
    something completely alien to them these days.

    Time to go seems to be a growing trend although where we live we
    are not exactly spoilt for choice. Regards, CJ.
    On 17/08/2014 15:25, Mike Ray wrote:
    Clive and all,

    BT are really p***ing me off right now...

    Firstly all this spam filtering nonsense, then the fact that I keep
    getting emails telling me I don't appear to be using my 'free' 50GB
    cloud storage...which I am not using because the bloody BT cloud app is
    written in Qt and as such is not accessible.

    And don't get me started on Indian call centres, where I am forced to
    try to believe the bloke I am speaking to is called 'Steve' or 'Kevin'
    when clearly it isn't.  Which is insulting to both me and 'Steve'.  And
    because English is his second language he can only follow a flow chart
    which has answers to questions asked by 90% of the muppets who phone
    them, but not the questions asked by the 10% who, like me, have a
    technical question, or more often a complaint.

    I am seriously thinking of ditching BT and moving to somebody else if I
    can keep the same email address.

    BT just don't listen to their customers.


    On 17/08/2014 15:19, Clive Jacobs wrote:
    Hi, I seem to be getting this lists posts with BT to date. What is
    irritating is that on our BTInternet address which we do not use and
    have never used we have recently received an increasing number of spam
    on the BT address. As we have never used it the only conclusion has to
    be that it seems BT are the culprits and are guilty of spamming us and I
    suspect many others. We may bee soon seeking for alternative options to BT.

    On 17/08/2014 14:05, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
    I recommend anyone who is subscribed via a bt account to unsubscribe
    and then use an alternative account, there is NO reason BT should be
    classifying this group as spam. and they would likely not be very
    forthcoming in explaining their reasoning either.(but that is another
    story altogether)
    On 17/08/2014 14:15, Mike Ray wrote:

    In the last three or four weeks I have suddenly been getting very few
    messages from access-uk.

    I spoke to Mo and he suggested this might be BT's over-zealous
    spam-filtering, which is incredibly hard to turn off because the site is
    not very accessible and the setting is buried deep, a bit like the
    Vogon's planning application to demolish the Earth.

    So I have unsubscribed from access-uk on BT and rejoined from my
    raspberryvi account.

    I am instantly getting stuff from the list again.

    So if you're suddenly getting very little stuff from the list and you're
    a BT customer, it's their fault.  Oh...of course...you probably won't
    get this message.



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