[access-uk] Re: BT Broadband Versus Virgin Media?

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The only problem I've had with VM is that I said I wanted the 20MB package and 
they only gave me 10MB. However, I've always received 9 or 10 MB downspeed all 
the time I've been with them, and I'm sure I'll continue to see good service 
when they upgrade my internet service tomorrow.

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Subject: [access-uk] Re: BT Broadband Versus Virgin Media?

Hi I was subscribed to the cable service from VM I spoke to tech support more 
than 20 occasions and each one promising me that my problems will be solved and 
offered an apology. I don't get 8MB of download speeds with BT but I do get 
sufficient 2MB speed and that is enough for me as I not a person who downloads 
content on a regular basis.  
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  I think this is a case of who yu get in Tech Support.

  I have had hair pulling fits with VM, mainly because of scripted out-sourced 
centres.  However, have a look at what I wrote about 2 years back on BT and 
from folks I have spoken to both Home users and IT Professionals not allot has 
changed.  *TIP*  If you go with VM go for Cable not ADSL and you will see very 
good speeds.

  Hi all,

  Looks like we're going to be leaving BT for Virgin Media.

  They can't get this broadband sorted.

  We've had 5, yes 5 engineers out at the house.  Out of all but one new what 
she, was up to.  They constantly wanted to measure signal, even though 
yesterday morning a job was specifically booked to measure throughput.  The 
engineer who was booked for the job told me, 
  " I wouldn't know anything about that"

  When I explained that wholesale and retail couldn't even ping me he said,
  "I'll get my collegue to call round as my wee XP laptop wouldn't be powerful 
enough for that".

  What sortive clowns are these guys employing?

  There's been one gentleman in BT though that I have to take my hat off to.  
He's a young fella like myself and we've screamed at engineers together.

  We've had the phone line isolated and the modem/router directly wired to it.

  We've had battery cleared off the line, then two weeks later a lady engineer 
came and actually did clear the battery her male collegue was meant to have 

  We've had a new card, supposably fitted in the D Slam, (Local Exchange).

  4pm hits and we drop to 40k for all downloads inside the UK servers, 19K or 
below for outside.

  I've been running speed tests and I'm coming back with 1700k out of a 
possible 8128k.  We're in a good area, close to the exchange, (around 
1500metres), and we recieve the full 8128 signal.

  The place over there is a shambles.  I'm frankly pissed off by the lack of 
knowledge their engineers have, this is compounded by them attempting to hide 
behind jargon.

  My XP laptop isnt' powerful enough to try and see if I can ping you....

  He didn't have a clue what ping was!

  Fair enough, alot of people I'm mailing this to might not.  This guy's a 
field engineer for a broadband internet service provider!

  He also tryed to give me BS about signal to noise ratio, and like with the 
other gentleman I explained about Shannon's theary that's used to formulate 

  Do these clowns talk this way to all home end users?

  Anyways, we're paying these jokers £52 a month for really crappy 8MB service 
plus all inclusive telephone calls to LAN lines in the UK.

  I'm going to subscribe to £39 a month 20MB cable broadband, plus the phone 
calls from Virgin Media.

  I've been told by a technician in BT, (naming no names), that he's on it at 
home and he really gets the speeds that are promised.

  This guy's good and I trust his judgement.  Come on, anything has to be 
better than this rubbish from BT!

  I'm tired of arguing, researching and learning about DSL service and how it 
works so I could force the engineers who did do work when they came out to do 
what they where and are being payed to do!

  We could go for another DSL provider but, yes there's a 50-50 chance it'll be 
fine, even if it's using BT lines as they're testing fine.

  I really think some routing table at least had went wrong somewhere on the 
local network.

  I dont' want to be writing another email though like this in a months time 
because another one wont' listen.  Let's isolate it completely and not use 
phone lines or broadband over them.

  My last piece of advice, educate yourselves or find someone who is more 
technically minded to take charge because what I've experienced is that they 
will hide behind anything they can including outsourced help desks.  They will 
blame everythign on you, I've had three routers and three computers tested here.

  I've just decided 8MB isnt' worth this hassle when i can go to Virgin and woe 
be tide the first manager in BT who trys to tell me that they dont' promise 8MB 

  I know they don't!  But 40k and below is not an acceptible level of service 
on the low end of the scale!

  My theary is that it's too costly to send field engineer's out and delay 
tactics may be being applyed in the gise of support.

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    Subject: [access-uk] Re: BT Broadband Versus Virgin Media?

    Hi Mandy. From my experience in using VM, I think they are poor at 
resolving customers problems such as loss of internet service. I had 3 modems 
sent out to me with in 6 months. Finally they through their hands up and 
confessed that the service in my area was poor and was under investigation. I 
wouldn't go near them as they are an unreliable company. I have had problems 
with BT and will say that they are very helpful and knowledgeable in resolving 
issues regarding the loss of internet service. It's free to call them and the 
remote sessions usually solve the issues. They don't even let you give up on a 
problem and they are fully committed to resolving your problem. VM just read 
from text manuals and just repeat the same old crap over and over again until 
the point of you being outraged and well stressed wondering what the hell I was 
thinking about when I decided to join this useless company. 
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      Subject: [access-uk] BT Broadband Versus Virgin Media?

      We've been with Blueyonder ever since we started using the PC and are 
paying  for the fastest broadband speeds does anybody have experience of 
comparing the two?

      Also anybody using the new BT box for TV where you just pay for the extra 
channels you want to watch?

      Sorry I'm not very explicit.


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