[access-uk] Re: BT Answer 1571 Linked Mobile Service - and, Can you circulate messages by phone?

  • From: "Ray's Home" <rays-home@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 11:22:57 -0000

Sorry Jim to have caused some confusion over the BT 1571 service.  I had 
assumed that the option of setting up the mobile text alert had been roled out 
nationally and that everyone already subscribed to 1571 had been alerted, as I 
was one or two days ago.

What happened on my line was that a message from BT was left on the 1571 
service alerting me that this service was available and that if I pressed the 
star key, or it might have been 6, I could set the service up.  I did this and 
was prompted to confirm the number I was phoning from, (You must not have your 
number hidden for your number to be identified by the service;  if your number 
is normally hidden then dialing 1470 before dialing 1571 will reveal your 

Having confirmed my number I was invited to enter my mobile number followed by 
hash.  The number is voiced back to you for confirmation purposes.  that should 
be it.  You are charged for the service per text forwarded.

Now, however, I find that pressing keys other than the usual 1571 keys doesn't 
bring up the mobile text linking service.  I imagine that I probably have to 
turn it off via the internet option.  I am leaving my original message intact 
in this message so you can discover what BT says on the web about this service.

Maybe I'll have to repeat my question about broadcasting voice messages over 
the phone, al la email, using a new thread, but it did seem to tie in nicely 
with the subject of the latest 1571 extended service.


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----- Original Message ----- 
From: "jim" 

| Hi Ray, I've just checked 1571, no way of linking to mobile from there. It 
| doesn't offer you anyway of setting it up, can you be more specific?
| Regards.
| Jim.

| ----- Original Message ----- 
| From: "Ray's Home" 
| > Bt's 1571 has been able to link to your mobile number to alert you to 1571 
| > messages  for a little time now.   Bt have made turning on this service 
| > available via 1571 itself, and those having the service already should 
| > have got a message from BT telling them how to enable this feature, and 
| > its quite straight forward, all being done from the phone keypad.  (I'll 
| > put a link to more about this service at the end of this message, but that 
| > only describes how to do it via the internet.)
| >
| > I wonder though, is there any service, landline or mobile, that gives you 
| > the option of leaving a message only, rather than waiting for the phone to 
| > be picked up first?  in other words, the option to leave a message and NOT 
| > have the call intercepted by the phone being answered.
| >
| > I ask this because I've had the situation recently where an organisation 
| > has wanted to circulate its print impaired users with details of 
| > forthcoming election of officers.  Traditional arrangement is to record a 
| > short tape and circulate it.  What a fag!  Wouldn't it be so much easier 
| > to circulate the voice equivalent of an email via the phone?  That way you 
| > could much more effortlessly get to those people who don't have computers 
| > or access to email, and quite a few haven't got a computer still.
| >
| > Here's the URL to the info I've tracked down about linking 1571 to your 
| > mobile:
| >
| > 
| >
| >
| > Ray
| >
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| > mailto:ray-48@xxxxxxxx
| >
| >

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