[access-uk] Re: BT Answer 1571 Linked Mobile Service - and, Can you circulate messages by phone?

  • From: "Ray's Home" <rays-home@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 03:26:59 -0000

Yes Karen, that's certainly right.  I've never been a subscriber to BT 
Broadband.  Also I've had 1571 for a few years now.  You do not have to reveal 
your number of course to use it, just like any other BT network service.  You 
only have to reveal your number when setting up the minked mobile text service.

What peeves me about this service, and I should have thought about it when 
doing it, is that there seems to be no way of turning it on and off from your 
phone.  For that it looks as if you have to use the internet.  Maybe switching 
mobile text linking on-off is reserved for the paid for 1471 service.

Just as a comment, well, yes Andrew, you don't pay for 1571 as such;  its 
thrown in with the line rental.  Given Bt's line rental rates these days, I'd 
say anything that increases the value for money of the rental fee has to be 
good.  We can only hope that with competition Bt might begin to see things this 
way and start bundling more services into the line rental rather than these 
rather silly paid-for additions.  After all, many of the things we pay for 
separately with BT are included in mobile line rentals.  Just my 2p's worth 
there, smile.

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----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Karen Burgess" 

| hi jim, ray and all
| no you don't, i received a message on my bt 1571 and don't subscribe to bt 
| broad band.  I moved house recently and the message was there when my new 
| line became active.
| Kaz
| Karen Burgess
| email:
| Karen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| msn messenger:
| karenburgess70@xxxxxxxxxxx
| Skype: choccoholic
| ----- Original Message ----- 
| From: "jim" 

| > Ray, it seems like you have to subscribe to their broadband service to 
| > receive this link to mobile 1571 .service.
| > Jim.
| >

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