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Hi Iain

Apologies for the delay in replying to this, just playing catch-up with

I've recently booked a flight with BMIBaby, and I too found the website
difficult.  I must confess that, in the end, I enlisted the help of my
Support Worker, Jackie, to assist with the booking to Maghera, Northern
Ireland, where I'm going to stay next month.

I've never flown with them before, so it will be interesting to see how
helpful they are when I turn up at Birmingham International in a couple of
weeks. (smile).

Kind Regards,
Jackie Cairns

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Has anyone tried to use the website www.bmibaby.com
<http://www.bmibaby.com/>  to book flights. Having used it as recently as
last September to book flights I am now finding it extremely difficult if
not impossible. I am using JAWS 11 with Internet Explorer 8. The problem is
that I cannot find a way of selecting to or from flight destinations or
outward bound and return dates. Am I alone in this? If I am not, this is
definitely a bakcward step in terms of accessibility.

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