[access-uk] Re: BBC NEWS | Technology | Not long left for cassette tapes (I feel no pain)

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I must say though, and straying a little from access topics, that if I were 
offered music collections in MP3 format at 128, or preferably higher bit rates, 
then if the price was right, I'd most likely go for it.  I certainly do hope 
MP3 CDs begin to take off for spoken word and drama.

I'm not enough of a HI Fi fanatic to want to go down the SACD route just now.  
It is interesting though that it is being used for surround sound remasters of 
classics such as Pink Floyd's dark side of the Moon.

Apart from the lack of money, I also lack the space for all those speakers!

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From: "Tristram Llewellyn" <tris-l@xxxxxxxxxx>

> You don't really need all the synchronisation facilties that DAISY format 
> provides for music distribution.  Though DAISY itself is not tied to a 
> physical format, the idea of even distributing msuic on a physical format is 
> threatened in such a way that it would seem unlikely that you would see 
> compressed versions of tracks on something similar to a CD.  The only area 
> of the market where this seems at all likely is in the spoken word arena, 
> there is some demand here for MP3 CDs, mainly for use in-car.
> Likewise high bandwidth formats like SACD have a very rough time as most of 
> the public are not quality conscious but price conscious, for many MP3 
> quality is good enough, and that is not really the best of the CD quality 
> let alone SACD.
> Regards.
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> Oh alright then Steve, have it you're way <smile>.  No seriously, I didn't
> realise Daisy wasn't good enough quality for music.  Now, I'd never wanna
> see a new technology incorporated into music where the quality was degraded
> in anyway.  It's hard to tell the quality of daisy overall sometimes.  Well,
> with my experience of RNIB talking books, I'm listening mostly to old
> recordings from the old tapes so.... not really easy for me to judge.
> Especially when the talking book players comes with one speaker only.
> Makes met think though, whether in the future we could see a Daisy+ format
> that would address the quality issue?  A case of watch this space, like with
> all technology.
> Justin

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