[access-uk] Re: BBC NEWS | Technology | Not long left for cassette tapes (I feel no pain)

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 08:27:11 +0100

Never mind cassettes and vinyl being past their sell-by date;  I thought this 
thread was?

If we are talking High Fidelity here, well, there will always be purists who 
will have nothing said against vinyl and who seem to regard it almost with a 
mystical reverence.  All very good if you've the best of 
turntables/cartridges/preamps etc.  Also, fine if you can keep a well pressed 
LP in its pristine state.  For 99% of us, that was never so.

AS for DJ's prefering it, that's as much to do with 'scratching' - in the club 
scene sense - as anything else, and there are now CD units that seemingly can 
make a good job of that.

Again, cassettes could be good on the legendary Nakamichi and Revox decks, but, 
again, how many of us went to those lengths or could afford too.

For all practical purposes digital, in the form of CD or now HD or memory 
cards, is the practical and very adwquate way audio reproduction is handled.  
This thread really started around the issue of cassettes as a carrier of not 
just high quality audio but anything to do with information, inlcuding spoken 
word.  The only challenge left, as far as I am concerned, is to retain an 
intuitive cassette like interface while adding sophisticated search and 
indexing features.  The machines we use now can take up where you left off in a 
cassette like fashion, and you can easily bookmark without audible tones or the 
old, fascical, growling sowed-down indexing speech we used to get on the now 
defunct old RNIB student cassettes.  Thank goodness for progress!

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From: "Jillian Grant" <jillian.grant1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> As a music listener, I personally find the sound of cassettes, if kept well
> sound better than vinyl.  mind you, much prefer cd to tape any day.  don't
> have many music tapes left.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Iain Lackie <ilackie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Colin,
>> Vinyl has retained its place because there are those who say that that it
>> has better sound quality than any digital source and because dj's use it
> for
>> there own purposes. No-one would say that the sound quality of cassette is
>> better than anything and most if not all digital storage media score over
> it
>> in convenience.
>> Iain.

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