[access-uk] BBC NEWS | Technology | Not long left for cassette tapes (I feel no pain)

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Interesting post Colin, not least the reflections on the by-gone days of real 
time copying and the record industry's anxst over life copying in the slow 
lane, so to speak.  Sure they'd have those days back again if only they could!

What perplexes me at times is how slow many of the VI community are in 
accepting the benefits of digital media, and particularly DAISY and DAISY 
players, especially as you can get these for free on loan. One bloke I know 
moaned about the fact that his JAWS manuals didn't come on cassette, but on CD. 
 He went out and bought a bog standard walkman-type CD player to play them on, 
in spite of the fact I'd told him about the DAISY players' availability through 
the Talking Book arrangements with Local Authorities.  The DAISY format 
addresses all the criticisms of the lack of ease about picking up where you 
left off, and you can mark areas of disks you are interested in, and just as 
easily remove the marks afterwards.

Then there are still those who tell me how good it is that cassettes for 
magazines etc can be recycled and therefore how cost effective they still are.  
Really?  How many of you have gone through the process of bulk erasing 
cassettes, and the time that adds to recycling hundreds of the damn things?  
Not to mention they sometimes, not very often though, snarl up.  You can buy 
blank CDs in bulk for 10-15p each and it matters not that they aren't 
re-usable.  Add to that the possibility of distributing in MP3 or other format, 
and the time savings in duplication are obvious.  Eventually all this 
duplication should become a  thing of the past when we get an easy to use 
internet player, rather like a radio -cassette player to use.  Oh yes, I knew 
the cassette would have to appear again somehow.  Thank goodness it is only in 
the form of a metaphor for the interface to operate the superior new digital 

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