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  • From: "Iain Lackie" <ilackie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 11:28:07 +0100

We shouldn't need to get a sighted person to do something as basic as adjust 
the volume This is ridiculous.

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  I had a similar experience and solved the problem by getting a sighted person 
to adjust the volume control on the IPlayer website.
  Hope this might help.
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    From: Iain Lackie 
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    Subject: [access-uk] BBC Iplayer

    I thought i had cracked it and the sound was much better than the old Real 
player system. However, today I tried to listen to The Jungle Book and 
yesterday's Archers. It appeared to be playing but not a sound could I hear. I 
can't think of anything I have done. Am I alone?


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