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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 10:49:15 +0100

Colin and others, I've heard directly from two people involved in aspects of 
IPlayer, Michael Smethurst who works on "programmes" and Julie Schiller who is 
more involved in the IPlayer development team.  They both have email addresses 
attached to there respective names at bbc.co.uk.

Julie Schiller did comment that including keyboard commands didn't always tie 
in with different screen reader capabilities but whilst there could be keyboard 
conflicts and the like, I'd say it is safe to assume screen readers that do 
identify Flash objects should have no problem with whatever the Beeb does in 

It should, of course have done these things from the start, and I never 
understand why it is that accessability in all its forms doesn't get included 
automatically in the develpment process before ever a line of code is written.

On the point of paralell discussions on lists, yes it would be nice and tidy if 
it was all in one place;  but that sort of thinking belongs propperly to the 
realm of data storage and not so much to human affairs and concerns.

This said, maybe pointers to the names of threads on other lists could be cited 
in discussions?  Remember most tech lists can be followed via the list archives 
on the net, including this list, so you don't actually have to subscribe to 
know what's being discussed else where.  (The BCAB archives can be viewed 

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  From: Colin Fowler 
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  Hi Ray,

  I've only just re joined the list so I may have missed your earlier posts on 
this matter. Who's advised you of these key board functionality changes? and 
from what team? E mail me off list if you want.

  I would agree that in touch isn't worth us wasting our time with, and I doubt 
whether You and Yours will treat our view seriously either. We need to jointly 
make our dissatisfaction known to the head of future media and technology 
within the BBC, and at the same time to their head of diversity for breaching 
their obligations for due regard for equality of opportunity under the DED.

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