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Hi Ray,

I've only just re joined the list so I may have missed your earlier posts on 
this matter. Who's advised you of these key board functionality changes? and 
from what team? E mail me off list if you want.

I would agree that in touch isn't worth us wasting our time with, and I doubt 
whether You and Yours will treat our view seriously either. We need to jointly 
make our dissatisfaction known to the head of future media and technology 
within the BBC, and at the same time to their head of diversity for breaching 
their obligations for due regard for equality of opportunity under the DED.
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  Nice to know people are now concerned about the IPlayer, a subject I brought 
up a few weeks ago.

  Someone working on the team concerned with this has emailed me to say the 
sadly lacking keyboard funtionality will be implemented though I don't know 
when because, as I understand it,  a halt is being imposed temporarily on code 
changes to the IPlayer over the period of the Olympics.

  In fact this keyboard support is a very bad oversight by the Beeb, especially 
seeing that Adobe do publish information on how to give access to the time 
navigation slider and volume and other controls.

  By all means contact Out Of Touch, but their distain for listener input is 
well known.  In fact You and Yours should be a better place to air this bad 
example of falling down on the accessability job.

  Seems too there is more screen reader vendors could do to improve on Flash 
accessability, but then one well known amongst them would rather indulge in 
screwwing up the competition with useless and inane law suits.


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    From: Richard Godfrey-McKay 
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    I've just submitted a complaint about the inaccessibility of this, and I 
suggest that others do the same.  Wonder if "Out of Touch" would be interested?

    Richard Godfrey-McKay
    Tel: (01738) 445 880
    Mobile: (07791) 452 593


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