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I'm starting to wonder about the free edition, when I try to download updates I 
hear Hal counting down the seconds and then nothing, it just goes back to the 
screen the prog opens up in to, no confirmation or anything and I'm still being 
told that my database is out of date, any help on this one too please!!


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  Subject: [access-uk] Avg free problem

  Hi friends,

  I've installed two days ago the Avg free edition, v7.1.362, the latest 
version. It works
  fine but after every reboot, I get tooltip that says:
  Your email scanner is not fullly functional.
  After some minutes, I can see in the system tray that Avg is working fine and 
that my email scanner is fully functional.
  My questin is: is that tip may reflect any danger for my pc so I wish have my 
email scanner fully functional in order to get the full protection.
  Can someone help with it?
  Any help is greatly appreciated.


  Moti Azrad
  Musician & Piano-Tuner

  Moti Azrad
  Musician & Piano-Tuner


  Internal Virus Database is out-of-date.
  Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
  Version: 7.0.338 / Virus Database: 267.10.13/78 - Release Date: 19/08/2005

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