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Ray, Panasonic have it as standard too.  And when digital switch-over
starts in Whitehaven in October, anyone in receipt of DLA will be
entitled to a free box which will have one-touch access to AD or
subtitles.  If anyone has any concerns about either the kit or the
process, please feel free to email me privately as I have access to the
men who know about these things.


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> I hope others feel this has a place on both Access-UK and Vi-gen,
> hence the cross posting.  (There was a mention of a very cheap, or
> even free, Freeview Box to include A-D, but I've not heard more on
> that as yet.)
> This is taken from the E-Access Bulliten for August .
>  site address http://www.headstar.com/
> Audio Description Included As Standard For Sony TVs.
>  Sony has begun shipping its Bravia range of integrated digital TVs
>  with audio description included as a standard function. The first of
> the
>  new Bravia models were launched in June, and the company aims to
>  equip the entire Bravia range with audio description by the end of
>  September 2007.
>  Earlier this year rival TV manufacturer Panasonic made a similar
>  move, enabling consumers to access audio described broadcast content
>  without buying extra equipment such as a set-top box. At present, the
>  audio description facilities provided by both Sony and Panasonic are
>  restricted to programme content only, and so do not include an
>  accessible electronic programme guide.
>  The move was welcomed by the RNIB. However, Jill Whitehead,
>  RNIB Media and Culture Information Officer said that Sony could
>  improve the accessibility of its remote control handset. "The
> Panasonic
>  remote control is much better," she told E-Access Bulletin. Unlike
>  Sony, the Panasonic system enables users to isolate the audio
>  description stream, listening to it privately through headphones,
> which
>  may be a bonus for households with sighted and vision impaired
>  viewers.
>  Although Sony's move is a welcome development, Whitehead was
>  cautious about the impact on other manufacturers. "Audio description
>  is still not seen as a desirable feature for the mass market. The
>  manufacturers think of it as serving a minority audience," she said.
>  RNIB has produced a downloadable guide to audio description that
>  includes more details about the new Sony and Panasonic models:
>  http://fastlink.headstar.com/rnibdigtv .
> From Ray
> I can be contacted off-list at:
> mailto:ray-48@xxxxxxxx

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