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  • From: "Ibrahim Gucukoglu" <ibrahim_gucukoglu@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 12:57:05 -0000


You do need the download manager to get the books from the audible website to 
your PC, you'll know as much by looking at the help centre.  The download 
manager to avoid any confusion is not the same as Audible Manager, the download 
manager is responsible for downloading the actual content from the audible 
servers which you can then import in to ITunes.  Needless to say, we're talking 
about pc requirements here, not the mac.

All the best, Ibrahim.
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  Just a correction.  You do not need the Audible Download Manager.  Yes you do 
need to activate your account with Audible which I did when I attempted to 
import my first Audible book into iTunes but iTunes transfers them to your iPod 
like any other content.  As for the Audible app, I do have it and I am a little 
disappointed that I can't browse and buy / use my credits from within the app 
itself.  It is nice and it lets you stream your purchased content direct from 
your library.  However, if you have all this content already on your computer 
and in iTunes you could just stick with the iPod music player already on your 

  On 27 Feb 2011, at 04:17, Ibrahim Gucukoglu wrote:

    Hi Andy.

    If your going to use audible on your IPod Touch, download the Audible app 
from the app store which will let you browse your library and download/listen 
to your purchased content.  My only real gripe with this app is that the audio 
is in Mono even when download quality is set to enhanced, so if Stereo 
listening is a big deal for you then you'll need to connect your IPod to ITunes 
and using the audible download manager, import audible titles that way and yes, 
if you want to listen through ITunes then you need to activate your IPod with 
audible but you don't need to if using the app.

    All the best, Ibrahim.
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      Hi all -

      I know that the Touch can play Audible content, but is it in the enhanced 
format? and, do I have to activate the Touch like I do my phone in order to use 
it as a player? -


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