[access-uk] Re: Audible and the IPod Touch

  • From: "ANDY COLLINS" <Andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 21:49:47 +0100

hi Ibrahim -

Yes, hitting the correct refresh button.

Have now just downloaded the title via my computer, and as usual, that 
triggered Itunes to open and synch with my touch, so the book gets to the IPod 
that way. That of course works ok, but isn't much good for when I'm away from 
the computer, and just  want to use a wireless network to download.

By the way, and I don't think it makes any difference, but I have enhanced 
selected on the Touch as my chosen format, but format 4 is the default setting 
in the Library. Having just downloaded my latest book via my laptop, I had to 
change format from 4 to enhanced on the computer. I can't seem to see an option 
when changing formats to make enhanced apply to all titles, as the default.

I'm away now for a couple of days, so will look more in to it when I return.

Thanks -
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  Subject: [access-uk] Re: Audible and the IPod Touch

  Hi Andy.

  This probably sounds like a dumb question, but you are looking in the not 
downloaded section of your library and hitting the refresh button there?  Any 
new titles would be at the top of the list, but make sure that the sorting 
order is set to recent first.  If that doesn’t work, it might be a good idea to 
uninstall the audible app and start again, providing that is you haven’t got 
too many titles downloaded to your IPod through it, as any titles downloaded 
through the app get wiped along with the app when you uninstall.  It isn’t the 
best of solutions I can appreciate, but if your not able to download your 
latest titles, starting from a fresh install may be the most practical solution.

  All the best, Ibrahim.

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  Subject: [access-uk] Re: Audible and the IPod Touch

  Hi Ibrahim -

  Just been trying again to download my latest purchase, and it hasn't worked, 
as it isn't showing up in my library. I can download it to my computer, but not 
the Touch. I've done a refresh, several times, and tried a refresh for the 
whole library, but this last action doesn't actually do anything. 

  I can download other older titles not previously downloaded, so I'm connected 
ok. What puzzles me, and I thought I'd ask before taking more drastic action, 
is that on the not downloaded screen, after swiping past refresh, recent, and 
longer ago, I come to a list of books, if I double tap, the book begins to 
download, that's ok, but if I keep swiping past 3-4 titles, there is then a 
download button. This download button seems to be available after every 3-4 
titles, but double tapping it takes me out of the app, and to the home screen, 
and I have to double tap again to get back in to the app, so that button isn't 
actually functioning as a download button. Do you see anything similar when 
using the Audible app? -


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    Subject: [access-uk] Re: Audible and the IPod Touch

    Hi Andy.

    Its possible the library on your IPod isn’t refreshing properly.  Firstly, 
remove any and all audible books from the IPod part of your player using 
ITunes.  Next, go in to the audible app and make sure that IPod library access 
is disabled, that way it wont search for books you’ve already downloaded on 
your device, and if you did remove all of them it wont find anything anyway.  
Finally, in the settings tab where you disable the IPod library access, hit the 
refresh complete library button.  That’ll rebuild your library and you should 
have your titles in the not downloaded section ready for you to download 
directly to your IPod.  If none of the above work, uninstall then reinstall the 
audible app however you’ll lose any titles you downloaded and will have to 
redownload them again.

    All the best, Ibrahim.

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    Subject: [access-uk] Audible and the IPod Touch

    Hello all -

    Anybody solve this for me?

    When I purchase a title online from my computer, it goes in to My Library 
to be downloaded. I then go to my IPod Touch, open the Audible app, click the 
my Library button, and then the refresh button, then I select Not Downloaded, 
and recent, but my new purchase isn't there to download. I can see a list of 
other recent purchases, and can do a search, but my current book doesn't show 

    What I've had to do for now, is download it to my computer, and using 
Itunes, move it on to the Touch.

    Anybody help me sort this please? -


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