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Hi Alison

Someone will jump in here if I am wrong, but I thought you had to assign a
player to Audible in order to transfer it from the Audible library to play
it elsewhere, even if it is a one-off.

Kind Regards,

Jackie Brown

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I am not an Audible subscriber but I needed to purchase a book for my
Creative Writing Class via Amazon and my only choice was to either have a
free Audible Trial or to purchase the book as a one off from Audible - which
is what I've done.

I can play the file by going to the Audible Manager on my PC but what I
would prefer is to download it to my Milestone and listen to the book that

I've tried copying and pasting the file but it doesn't play.

Milestone does have an Audible Folder on the internal memory. If I copy the
book to that will it play? Or is there something I need to do in order to
get the book to play on my Milestone?


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