[access-uk] Re: Apple music: how to create a playlist on the iPhone?

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:31:29 +0000

Hi Mo and all

I'm sure others will reply to this, but you might direct your friend to this article on the Apple VIS website:


I love playlists on my iPhone, but as always with many computer problems there can be various different ways to solve the same problem depending on what seems easiest to the user.

Once the Apple Music app is up and running, there is a playlists Button in the Library tab which takes you to the playlists that you have created. Here you can select a playlist and add to it, but that's not usually the way I do things. I have a number of playlists and the point of them for me is that I will want to add tracks to them as I come across them over time. For example, I have a playlist called Engineering relaxed, which is full of music I might play as background music when I'm working as a sound engineer at an acoustic gig. When I hear a track which I think would be good to add to this playlist, I use the options button in the mini player screen. One of the options for that track is "Add to a playlist" and if you select this option you can swipe through the available playlists till you find the one you'd like to add your track to and just double tap it. Your track is now added to the selected playlist.

I hope this is helpful, John

At 10:17 13/12/2017, you wrote:
Hello Everyone.

Does anyone know how to create a music playlist using voiceover on the iPhone if you're an apple music subscriber? I do not subscribe so cannot test the instructions for the person in question. They are referring to the following link.


Very best wishes,


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