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  • Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 16:09:13 +0100

"I just saw Jackie's post, and I hope they do it as a firmware upgrade on 
previous Nanos as well."
I don't think that one is a goer, the only platform Apple are interested in 
really developing on existing hardware are iPhone/iPod touch where it is really 
the iPhone that is wagging the dog anyway.  These units recieving an update to 
2.1 firmware installable on last years iPhones and Touch units a year from 
their introduction.  

The good news is that this feature has made it into a mainstream product that 
could cost as little as £110 that is self contained and is likely to be 
maintainable in future generations quite easily.  Such a development as this 
from a company this size does have some importance.  It may not address the 
needs of the most tech savvy or space hungry type of user, indeed there are 
many equally good solutions that exist outside the Apple eco-system for various 
reasons, but it is a solution.  


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