[access-uk] Re: Anyone else getting these messages.

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Barry is right of course re. deleting these messages.  There are one or two
things you can consider doing though.

If the problem increases consider changing to a ISP that incorporates spam
filtering into its service.

If you are really bothered by intrusiveness then a solution such as the
Cloudmark anti-spamprogram/service might be an answer.  Two versions of this
integrate into Outlook Express or Outlook.  It is a paid for solution
though, and maybe like me you believe you shouldn't have to pay to put right
something that's not your fault.

Another possible solution is a service like Spamjab at:


I use this and it is pretty effective, although in large part because it
blokcs anything that it suspects is possible spam.  You are supposed
supposed to be able to train it, like any other filter, but still it often
blocks stuff it should be letting through.  Hence Spamjab's claim that spam
won't infect your inbox again. And neither will a fair number of messages
make it either, until you unblock them.

OH well, at least Spamjjab is free, at the moment.

From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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The stories are in there to fool virus checkers.  There will also be some
spam or a link to spam on the page somewhere.  All you can do is to delete


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Hi all,

I keep getting these messages, all with different subject lines, and
different names, and all they seem to contain is a story. some times I have
had as many as 12 of these messages. I have tried adding them to my block
senders list, but of course it makes no difference. I would love to no if
anyone else on the list is getting these messages.
All the best
Southampton UK

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