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PhewMandy!  What a lot of questions!

First off, I'd run a good spyware removal tool like the one that gets
a few of them together  Hitman Pro, I think its called.  Reformatting
is way over the top.

In Firefox or Internet Exploder, F6 gets you quickly to the address
bar, which to my mind is more convenient than alt-D.


From Ray
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Of Peter Beasley

All that means Mandy is that you are being asked do you want to go
back to
the webpage you were on when firefox was interupted.  I find this a
feature.  I have been using firefox as my main brouser now for over 18

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> hHi All.
> Because so many of you have tried to help me I thought I'd let you
> know that Dell are coming to sort out my laptop tomorrow as I tried
> another system restore having tried once again to use SendSpace with
> same result.  IE7 - now after system restore - laptop comes on then
> about the conection having limited or no connectivity then the
screen goes
> blank and nothing happens and the mouse and keyboard are both
unuseable so
> looks like a reformat is in store and despite the fact I have an
> drive I've not backed everything up so will lose things I'd rather
> kept but at least any malware, spyware etc will be gone.
> Now:  do people suggest I stick with AVG 715 free addition or use
> Also I tried Firefox but there must be things I'd need to set:  for
> example it asks each time if I want to go back to previous session
> start a new one and also what do you use instead of alt d for
address is
> it control l and how do you set up favourites as it didn't appea to
be alt
> a.
> Thanks for all the help I'm off to do something useful now instead
> spending half my life at the keyboard.
> Brian's computer works fine on sendspace sending a file is that
> it's hard wired?  I hope I don't get same problem again once done.
> Mandy.r

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