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Re the question of how easy Window-Eyes is to learn, I never got to grips
with its conventions and ditched it and went back to JFW - not an easy
decision because it cost me over eight hundred quid. The way Jaws works just
makes more sense than Window-Eyes somehow. Does that help?

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Hello Folks 
I am wondering if I might be able to do better with Window Eyes when reading
email than I am able to do with Zoom Text.  I find that when using Zoom Text
to read email the screen reader is missing out several lines of text and on
occasions entire paragraphs.  This occurs when I use App Reader.  Using Doc
Reader I am faced with the possibility of having lines repeated on
I am thinking about the possibility of getting something else to run
alongside Zoom Test because of these problems and have thought about the
possibility of either Window Eyes or Supernova.  Could anyone who is using
Window Eyes please tell me if it is easy to learn to use, and more
importantly, how efficient it is at reading email in Outlook Express.  I
tend to get a large volume of email and am finding this problem with Zoom
Text screen reader means that I am taking much longer than I would like in
reading through the incoming messages.  
All information would be appreciated.  


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