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  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 11:25:55 +0100

Hi Bryan, thanks for the announcement. I have a few concerns with it though. First, it would appear that a user with nonadministrative privillages can't use jTools, even though they can install it successfully. This surely is a security concern since Microsoft recommends using a standard user account for general computer use and only use the administrator account when absolutely necessary. So I'm wondering could this be fixed for a future release? Also, will future releases of jTools work with JAWS 10? I like the idea of the product though, and the demo situation's cool as well. Mind you, the demo expired a lot quicker than I expected, since every time UAC comes up, a fresh copy of JAWS is loaded, causing jTools to think you've ran the programme x times, where x is a number from 1 to 15. I'm not sure this can be fixed though, but thought I'd let you know. Thanks again for the announcement, and all the best with the future development of jTools.

Chris Hallsworth
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Briefly, I want to let people know about a brand new product which we have brought to market called J-Tools. This product is for JAWS users, and some of the concepts within it have not been used before by keyboard-able visually impaired people so I would urge people to give J-Tools a try. It is for people who use Word, Outlook and the Internet. For more information about J-tools, including a podcast on using it and a free demo, please go to

If that link wraps onto two lines, just go to our web page at
and select the J-Tools link.

Brian Hartgen

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