[access-uk] Android help?

  • From: Catherine Turner <catherineturner2007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Access-UK <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 18:58:47 +0000


 I've just got a Moto G and have Talkback running, have gone through
 the explore by touch tutorial but could really do with some help
 getting basic tasks accomplished.  I'm sure these questions have been
 asked before but I so far can't find the answers online so I hope
 someone can bear with me and help with the following.  I've only used
 Mobile Accessibility and not Talkback in the past.  I've heard bits
 and pieces on podcasts but haven't absorbed because haven't needed to
 until now, and most of what I've found online so far relates to just
 getting Talkback running and exploring the screen.

 1.  How can I rearrange things on my home screen to put stuff I
 frequently use on screen 1, for example?  Maybe this depends on
 installing a different home screen/launcher app?  What are people's
 favourite home screen/launchers and why?

 2.  I know I can answer/reject calls by swiping.  Is it also possible
to answer them using the volume keys?  I used to do this with Mobile
Accessibility and wondering whether Talkback can be set to do this?

 3.  How do I call to listen to my voicemail?  How do I bring up a
keyboard to dial numbers while on a call?

 4.  How do I get it onto speakerphone when I'm on a call?  Is there
 anything I can do with volume settings to make talkback always louder
 than, say, the ringtones, so I can hear who's calling?  At the moment
Talkback starts reading the number but I can barely hear it above the

5.  Are there different ways of using the keyboard or is it always a
case of find the letter you want then let go?  I'm in the habit with
my iPod Touch of split-tapping so not too good at the moment at touch
typing or whatever you call it when you let go when you find the
letter you want.  I guess I'll get better at it but just wondering if
there are different ways to use the keyboard.  Also are there any
favourite keyboards people like using?

 6.  Anything else anyone can think of to get me efficient with at
 least making calls and texting ASAP - any resources you recommend?

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