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Hi. Turn on speech on that device! You will have to innstruct a
sighted member of your family to go into settings, accessibility and
go into Voice View and turn it on. From there you can select a male or
female voice but I think the default is female Amie which I believe is
from Ivona. You can download apps like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook
and all are accessible. You can have more than one user account on the
device. I can't answer the parental controls question as I haven't had
the need to use them but they are there within the settings menu. My
Kindle Fire 7 cost £50 and is fully accessible and this shows that the
world of accessibility for blind people has come a long way in a short
space of time.

On 20/11/2015, G. McFarlane <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm looking for a bit of clarity here.

I have purchased one of the new Amazon Fire tablets, which runs Android. It
also has many Amazon presets I believe.

I purchased it for my young sighted granddaughter but know I'll have to
an eye on it for updates, app purchases, parental protection settings etc.

I have used android a little, but could someone please keep me right on the
following questions?

1. IDoes tthis tablet run standard Android/Google speech packages or
does Amazon have its own app, or hinder the use of the android/google ones.

2. 2. If Androoid/google apps are appropriate, which ones and is
a simple guide to get started with them for a blind person.

3. 3. I envisage not using the speech until needed, allowing my
granddaughter a non-speech environment. Could someone tell me the actions
to switch it on and off. (Also perhaps point the way to other gestures in
document as well)

4. 4. Which parental protection apps might be useful and accessible,
especially for limiting internet sites to those appropriate for a young

5. Thanks for any help provided.

6. Gordon McFarlane

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