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Thanks Tristram and Jonathan - that tells me my problem is something different, 
will have to try some more fiddling!

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  You can use an analogue VHS with a modern digital TV provided your video 
player has either of the following with an equivalent on the TV itself.

  Ariel RF out -> Ariel RF input

  21 pin SCART 



  Most digital TVs will have these connections plus a few others.  The SCART 
being the simplest to setup provided you have a lead and the connection at the 
both ends.  If you choose the Ariel route you will need to tune in the TV using 
its analogue tuner to your video channel.  Few VHS machines have RGB anyway.



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  Hi all -


  Anybody tell me if an analog VCR is able to play back pre-recorded tapes, 
through a digital TV set? -



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