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Winking at you, Trace! ;)

  Many people, if not most, don't really bother with the "-" signs in smiley 
faces any more. Quicker to type them up that way. Have you tried pressing 
number 1 twice when you're typing a text message on your Nokia phone and while 
predictive mode is on? Smileys that are used in emails and instant messaging 
etc are used in text messages too.

  A couple more of frequently used smiley faces:

  :p smiley with tongue out
  :D open mouth smiley; same as LOL I suppose.

  Oh yeah, spelling out LOL would look really cool :P

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  Hi Amro,

  OK, I can do the smily faces and the sad faces, :-) etc but what's the sign 
for a wink please?

  I also use LOL a lot but I too have noticed that some people on some lists, 
usually for the blind spell out the words, sometimes with a * in front and 

  Interesting topic actually!!


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    Hi all,

    This might be OT, not really sure but here goes.

    I noticed on this list that people don't use smileys and winks such as :) 
;) etc. People rather write smile, wink and what have you. I've never come 
across this practise on any other emailing list or internet forum. It struck me 
that even literate computer users on this list do that. So I wander, is there a 
reason for this practise? Do Braille users find wink signs confusing for 
instance? Excuse my ignorance, but I rely on my screen reader's speech output 
and I've never had any problems with reading winks. I started doing what 
everyone else does on this list and the Jaws list but never asked why!

    If there's a good reason behind this I'd be glad to learn it. If there 
isn't, then IMHO this is a bad habit. What applies to other internet forums I 
believe should apply here too unless there's a justification for doing 
otherwise. Am I being pedantic? Would love to here other people opinions!



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