[access-uk] Re: An EPub Download, Can JAWS Read It?

  • From: "Sean Randall" <seanr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 19:00:18 +0100

JAWS doesn't work with protected EPub reading apps, like adobe editions.
There are several accessible options out there that I'm aware of.
Epubread is an addOn for Firefox to read EPub books.  it's framed, which I
personally find ideal, but does of course require Firefox.
Balabolga is a tool that can open many types of file, convert them to text,
or produce MP3 audio using SAPI voices.  It supports EPub and I often use it
for linear titles (such as novels). http://cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm
Bookworm is a web-based reader, you upload your EPub and can use any web
browser (including mobiles) to read chapter by chapter. It's very accessible
and if you want to read in the browser and don't have Firefox I'd recommend
it. http://bookworm.oreilly.com
I hope some of those are of use.


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Hi List.
I'm interested in buying a football magazine that's being offered as an EPUB
download, but I've got no idea what an EPUB looks like, so to speak. 
Does this mean that its a title that you need an EBook reader to access? Or
will JAWS handle it just fine?
I'm hoping as there's a few folks out there downloading and reading various
formats someone will be able to put me right.
Thanks for any help.

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