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Hi Kevin,
If I get the chance I'll rip a CD in a lossless format. Flac if   I can get it 
or WMA otherwise.  This does many times quadripple the size of the file, but as 
you say, hard drives are cheap these days.  I sometimes take a copy of a CD for 
personal use from my local library and rip it as WMA or flac format, my windows 
media player will play both WMA or flac. The quality is superb. But for my 
little portable Iriver the 320 kbps files are just great, though the Iriver 
does also play flac files.

Peter Logue

From beautiful Helensburgh on the firth of Clyde.
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  Hi Roger.

  I agree with the responses to your question that I've read from other listers 
so far.  Wishy washy substitute is not really giving MP3 encoded at good high 
bit rates the credit it deserves.

  Having said this though, it really is horses for courses.  If you're planning 
to play your music back through a good quality hi-fi then I'd definitely 
recommend ripping in a lossless format.  Even at high bit rates like 320kbps 
there is a loss of high and low frequencies resulting in a sort of boxed in 
sound with MP3.  I think I'm right in quoting that CD's have an equivalent bit 
rate of around 1300kbps so you can see what lossy formats like MP3 have to 
chuck away to get down to that size.  Ripping in a lossless format will usually 
yield files between 900 and 1000kbps so there is a file size saving without 
compromising any sound quality at all.  You need to bear in mind that hard 
drives are relatively cheap these days so why compromise your music collection 
when you can have it all stored on a couple of hard drives, one for back up of 

  MP3 is absolutely fine for listening through portable devices and the 
computer.  Generally you won't see the benefits of lossless formats on these 
low end audio devices.


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    Hi All

    As most of you may be aware I have a severe hearing problem but manage with 
the help of modern technology. I have just come across a post on another list 
where a member is being less than complimentary about MP3 audio tracks. 
Describing them as "a wishy-washy substitute for sound quality"  

    Out of curiosity is the fall of in quality converting to MP3 that so very 
noticeable or is he exaggerating?


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