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  • Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:35:29 +0100

Yes, as I said, that is what I always do exactly on other sites and used to do on Amazon as well but it no longer works on Amazon only. And I'm just as puzzled as to what this is as you.

However, if the mobile option ends up being the only one that will work for me, then it's that for me in future.


On 21/10/2016 13:41, CJ &AA MAY wrote:

Yes, Amazon works well on mobile phones but I am puzzled as to why you are having difficulty using your PC.

I use Window-eyes on a pc using Windows 10 and access the internet with Internet explorer.

I just press e which takes me to the edit field where I type in my query and then I shift tab to the combo box to select the type of product I am looking for, i.e. music and then tab twice to go -- and voila! Up come the results. I do use the mouse find key at this point and type in results so I can skip to what I want rather than having to arrow or tab to the list of results.


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