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You hit the TV guide button. Then you hit the green button (just above
the 2).
You're at the top of the list of programmes you've recorded now. So if
you pressed the select button twice quickly, you'd be playing the oldest
programme you've recorded and if you arrow downwards you'll be getting
closer to the more recent ones. 
If you want to find the most recent programme you've recorded, arrow
upwards to toggle to the bottom of the list. If you've got no other
programmes cued up for recording soon, you can hit the big select button
twice quickly and watch the latest programme you've recorded.
Note: you have to press the button twice for good reason. When you press
it once, you get a little info screen which tells you a little bit more
about the programme you've recorded. Press again and it starts playing,
which is when you can use the fast forward and rewind keys as well. 
If, of course, you don't know whereabouts your programme is on the
onscreen list, then you do indeed have to go through the slightly
laborious task of arrowing once, hitting select twice to play it, and
then fast forwarding into the programme a little way to see if it's the
one you wanted. If it isn't, you just hit the backup button twice and
you're back in the menu again where you'll need to arrow down one more
time and hit select twice as per the above drill.
Written down, this looks a bit rubbish but when you're using it, it's
quite intuitive.


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I have tried on numerous occasions to use Sky plus at a friend's house
but having recorded the programme, I could not find it afterwards to
How do those who are totally blind find the programmes they have

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