[access-uk] Re: Alva Braille display servicing

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Hello Gary
Professional Vision Services has dealt with Alva, sales and repairs for 15 years
Professional Vision Services
Wellbury House
90 Walsworth Road
01462 420751 TEL
01462 420185  FAX
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  Hi all,

  Does anyone know who deals with the servicing of the Alva Braille display 
these days?
  I have an Alva series 3 which is now nearly 12 years old but still works ok 
apart from that horrible "wobbly" DC power plug on the back which is causing 
intermittent operation.
  Ideally I would like it replaced, the plug that is, with something deccent, 
so it's more a modification than a straight repair.
  Grateful for any pointers.


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