[access-uk] Re: Advantages to using a third party zipping utility?

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Mark, didn't know XP had its own unzip facility, LoL!  If I had 
known, doubt that I would be carrying on with Winzip 9 which I 
use now and continually nags me on startup to buy or use 

I imagine it must comedown to convenience and nicities thrown 
into the interface, but I do know there are plenty of 
alternatives to the usual Winzip utility.  Now off to look at XP 
help to enlighten myself.

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From: "Mark Matthews" Hi,

As the subject says, I'm wondering if there's really any 
advantage to using
a third party zipping utility such as WinZip, over the one that 
comes with
XP....especially since the release of V9? Apart from security, is 
compression supposed to be any better? Going from memory last 
time I used
8.1 on 98 Se, you had different compression options, which is 
something I
don't see in the utility offered by Microsoft, which perhaps 
isn't all that

As I'm entitled to a free upgrade, thought I'd enquire.



Mark Matthews
E-mail: mark.matthews53@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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