[access-uk] Adobe PDF reader and handling of formatting and tables

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Hi, this question has arisen because of an on-going exploration of a
texting service introduced here in the West Midlands enabling you to
find out when the next bus is due via a unique text code that goes
with each stop.  (Other areas are doing this too.)

Accommodation of VI people doesn't seem that hot to me, here in the
West Midlands, in spite of the fact you can go to a Network West
Midlands website and retrieve the stop numbers.  the catch?  The
info's in PDF format.  Not a problem in itself, but navigation of such
a dense document isn't easy - 36 pages containing a very large amount
of info.

Wonder how people find various screen readers handle such dense
documents?  It might, for example help if tables or paragraphs were
adopted, but GW Micro for one says they aren't getting enough
information via MSAA to enable this.  What's the position with other
screen readers or access programs?

I might add in closing that the Metropolitan authority in Yorkshire
seem to have gone for a much better approach, as these unique bus stop
numbers are get atable via a route finder, which takes you to various
operators and thus to bus stop numbers.

Any comments welcomed on the more technical access aspects of this
recent texting facility.  (I've started a more general discussion
though over on VI-Gen, thus the access-related focus here.)  To end
with a link to the page where the PDF documents listing bus stop
texting numbers are located.



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