[access-uk] Re: Address bar not showing in IE 6

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Well, I don't know Alex, and I'm certainly not a JFW user, but as for Internet
Explorer issues, just two suggestions, (in Internet Explorer).1.  It isn't F4
that brings focus to the address bar, its F6.

2.  I believe it is possible to have the address bar not show in Internet
Explorer.  In fact, checking this, I find it can be disabled by going to the
view menu and entering on the navigation option.  Just possible this has been
turned off.  Otherwise, simply don't know what's up.

From Ray
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Hi all,

I apologise to the moderators of both the Jaws-uk and access-uk lists for
cross posting, however, although the problem I am experiencing is one I feel
the members of Access-uk may be able to assist with, I am a Jaws user and
therefore may need advice on which Jaws Keystrokes to use to solve the
problem, particularly if the person who answers my question on the access-uk
list is not a jaws user but knows how to solve the actual problem.

On my Acer laptop running Windows XP home, Office XP and Jaws version 7.10,
I have suddenly realised that when I am in Internet Explorer, particularly
on the Acer Homepage, but I believe on all websites, I can no-longer use F4
to bring the cursor into the address bar to type in addresses.  Nor can I
see the address bar at the top of the screen with my limited sight.

I did speak to Tristram at Sight and Sound about this but even though he
assisted me in checking the toolbars to see if there were any odd ones
appearing, there were not.  On Tristram's advice, I also looked at my add
remove programs for anything I did not recognise , and   the only two things
that I could find that looked a bit odd were two of the updates.

One of them was for Microsoft Publisher which I do not have as far as I can
make out and the other  called Microsoft User-mode driver framework feature
pack 1.0(beater 2).

If anyone can give me an idea why I am having the problem I am with IE6 and
the address bar I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

Alexander Shannon

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