[access-uk] Re: Adding web addresses to Nokia N73

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 08:59:15 +0100


Firstly, I know of no way of copying favourites from your PC to your phone 
and anyway, as at the moment Talks uses the services browser on the phone 
rather than the latest version of nokia's web browser, many of your standard 
web pages would not work well.

As far as texting goes, it really is simple and straight forward but like 
many other things, practice is really the only way of learning to do it 
efficiently.  Do it often enough and remembering what is on each key should 
really become second nature after a while like learning to type, learning to 
read Braille or perhaps using recording equipment or tuning round the radio.

I find the services browser only really deals with wap pages successfuly and 
not all of them are dealt with well.  BBC pages do seem to work particularly 
well I find but in either case, almost all the pages you read regularly on 
the PC will not work as favourites on the N73 as they are web based.


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Hi folks,

Tried this one on the talks mailing list but got no response, so if anyone 
has any ideas that would be great!

Is there any means of directly inputting   web addresses into the phones 
bookmarks folder via the pc?I did copy my favourites folder into the phone 
but it does not recognise them as internet short cuts and just reads the 
text. My texting skills are limited so I might have to invest in a blue 
tooth keyboard if all else fails!




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