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  • Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 11:33:11 +0100

MessageHi Sharon,

Have you tried checking for updates in Spybot?  You can check for updates on
the Actions menu, or there's a button there to do it.  I found that once I
got all current updates, it got rid of a lot more rubbish, including
pop-ups.  I personally prefer Spybot to Ad Aware, because it is more
user-friendly, particularly if you have JFW.  You can use both with
Window-Eyes, and both with JFW, if you employ the JAWS cursor a lot.  It is
easier with Ad Aware with Window-Eyes, only because you always have a live
mouse, rather than popping in and out of different cursors, like you do with

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  I am still being bombarded with pop ups, so have installed Ad aware on my

  However, I am finding it very Jaws unfriendly, and am not quite sure what
to do with it.  I am having to route jaws to PC cursor to be able to access
any buttons, as the menus just say system.

  I'm using Jaws 6, windows XP and Ad Aware SE personal, or that's what the
icon on the desktop calls it anyway.

  Any help much appreciated, because these pop ups are driving me mad.

  I have been using Spybot, but the pop ups are still there.



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