[access-uk] Accessing crossword grid without sighted assistance?

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Apologies for the duplication if any, I forgot to send the original as plain


I would be grateful for any thoughts on this as I'm relatively new to it and
have never given it thought before.

My friend was doing a crossword with me yesterday over the phone.  I would
give him the answers and he would fill in the grid on his CCTV.  I then
realised that the clues are also printed in one of the newspapers I receive
electronically, but they do not replicate the grid (for obvious reasons
being a text only service).

How does one go about handling this sort of thing when one cannot see the
grid?  I mean, you could get the answers to the clues, but I assume you'd
have no way of getting the additional hints using letters from already
derived words, their spacing, etc, as you would if you were filling in a
printed grid.

I'd really like to have a go at the crossword myself (who wouldn't when
there's a £500 prize!) and was wondering if anyone here knew of a way I
could do this independently?

Thanks, and sorry if this is a rather lame question - hardly the highest
priority, I know.

Have a pleasant day,

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,


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