[access-uk] Re: Accessing Safe Mode?

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Again Ray, you wouldn't be able to use it, even though it may "work", as the 
necessary sound drivers don't load in safe mode. So unless Braille support was 
to be included, I guess we can't use them in safe mode for the time being.
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  Hi, and just wondering aloud here, but I wonder if System Access, or NVDA 
work in safe mode.  After all, they don't use video intercepters do they?

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    Safe Mode does not load sound drivers; in fact, it only loads the minimal 
amount of drivers required for Windows. In fact, you can't use any screen 
readers in safe mode since even the proper video drivers aren't loaded; Windows 
instead loads the native video driver, which I believe causes video intercept 
issues. Sorry about that.
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      Hi guys, 
      I read many computer magazines, and, especially when fighting against 
Spyware, the advice is given to start in Safe Mode. I just was wondering, is 
there anyway that we as blind people can access Safe Mode, or how is there some 
way we can access a PC from boot up, like I'm guessing there's no way we can do 
things like press f2 and get access to the bios and stuff? 

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