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  • From: David Griffith <daj.griffith@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2016 00:27:09 +0000

may be missing something but I never find YouTube difficult with any screenreader. In fact I think it is probably the most accesible Music service I encounter.

I have a shortcut set up for YouTube on my Desktop. Using NVDA for example when I launch YouTube NVDA focuses me directly in the Search Edit box.

I type in my search - term. for this I typed in Karine Polwart and pressed enter.

I then hit the H key and this jumps me to each search result.

Pressing enter on the link after hitting the H key starts the videio playing immediately.

If I want to pause the Video , for example to read about the video, You can use the pass through key and K to pause the video. You can use other keys such as J for rewind and L for fast forward in Youtube. though with NVDA running you will need to use the Insert F2 pass through command before each key press.

For convenieence you might either want to turn NVDA off or temporarily switch to Windows Narrator with windows enter which allows you to use the Youtube shortcut keys without having to ue the pass through command.

To return to my search results I hit alt plus left arrow and this brings me back on the main Youtube page, where hitting control home and then E will jump me straight into the Edit box if I want to make another search.

with NVDA. If I want to copy a Youtube link then all I do is press H to go the relevant search result - then press

shift tab and tab, this properly focusses NVDA on the link and you can hit the application key to do various things with the link. Pressing the a key in Firefox will copy the link to the clipboard ready for pasting into another program.

Similar strategies will wwork with Jaws and Window Eyes.

With Voiceover on the Mac YouTube actually works extremely well, and as long as you are not using Quick Keys all the shortuct keys and more will work fine with Voiceover running. On the Mac you can also progress the Video by percentage.

So there may be more advanced features which are more difficult for but for waht I want it is pretty easy.

David Griffithbe

On 20/11/2016 15:08, Andy (Redacted sender meikle.aiden for DMARC) wrote:

Hi all.
BBC 6 music, this morning, recommended listeners to listen to a program on Youtube about Leonard Cohen.
As a very huge fan, I attempted to listen to that particular show whilst recording it on Total Recorder for future use.
Unfortunately, as always happens on Youtube, I get lost with JAWS 16 and arrow down lists of items with many of them repeted.
So after over an hour without finding the particular program, I gave up.
It appears to me that perhaps I need to set up Youtube to work better with JAWS and also, if one is available, get a tutorial to teach me the basics concerning navigating through Youtube.
Can anyone offer any advice or point me in a particular direction for support.
I am aware that there is loads of interesting material on Youtube of which many of us would enjoy but because of poor access, we eventually become disheartened and like myself give up.
Any advice would be very much appriciated.
Very best wishes.
From Scotland with Love.

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