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  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:59:44 +0100

Hi there. 
Content management and creeation is the same thing. Drupal needs no
sighted help. 
I have been looking at the back end of Drupal which looks highly
configurable and interesting. Setting up a website from scratch does
potentially look a little more difficult but that could be because the
instruction manual is written in an overly geeky way. One thing about
open source projects is that the people who create them are often not
the world's best writers or communicators. Yes their products work but
you may have to jump thru hoops if it wasn't created for the mass
market. But not all open source is the same. 
Any other experiences of Drupal from anyone here?
I've also looked at the back end of Joomla today which, on first
examination, appears to have some java or jaws accesss issues from teh
very off and right throughout the site setup. However, there seem to be
many different ways to do things so it may be possible to avoid the
inaccessible bits. It just needs some more exploring and I need
considerably more time to work it out. 
Tell us more about the Incomedia system you have found? 
Is it a downloadable program? Or is it, as per drupal and joomla, a web
based content management system? if it is, I'm a little confuse as to
how Front Page fits into the picture. 
Is it a web based hosting service? Is there a demo you can try before
you buy? How much? And exactly waht bits can you do yourself? Once
setup, would you need sighted sssistance again? Or would you need
continued assistance?
And finally, what's the best thing about it? And dose it produce
accessible websites? 

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Hi Damon
Further to our communication on websites I've found what I think is
fairly good - it works after a fashion with the jaws cursor andwould
benefit from a bit of scripting.
it's called Incomedia WebsiteX version 5 the full version. It works by
means of a Wizzard a nd everything is easy to set up - the structure of
web pages, the banners, the theme, etc. Video, audio, flash, text etc.
can be added.
I set up a basic site with the Jaws cursor and with sighted help got the
est of the structure together. It can be edited in the program, although
I haven't done this yet. The finished pages can be altered in Front
Hope you find this interesting. The ones you suggested seemd more on the
content management of the site as opposed to the creation of one.

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        I too am seeking a solution for this,Gordon. There are few
around. In fact we are having to build one from scratch at work. But I
want one for home too.
        QNECMS - quick n easy Content Management System - looks like the
best bet. But I haven't used it and feel it may be a little geeky, not
as user friendly as it could be. But I've seen plenty of good comments
about it round the web from blind people. It's 150 pounds. 
        The other one to look at is open source and entirely free. It's
called Drupal. 
        I'm basing this almost entirely on a paper I read that was
written by CFIT in Ireland. The author was joshue.oconnor@xxxxxxx and it
might be worth your while emailing him for updates. 
        If anyone else has any hot tips though, with plenty of easy
accessible modules from the back end, please please post here. 
        Gordon it sounds as if you want it for a business? Paypal seems
to have some useful systems here which, if all else fails, could work. 


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                Subject: [access-uk] Accessible Web creation packages 
                Can anyone recommend an accessible web creation package,
one preferrably with easy modules like blogs, forums and shopping cart
which can be slotted together. A wizzard interface giving loads of
choices would be great.
                Any ideas would be gratefully received.
                Gordon McFarlane

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