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Hi Steve

Not sure if this will suit you but the Archos Ondio (a non hard disk 
player/recorder) has recently been added to the Rockbox list of accessible 
units. I have one of these but as yet have not ventured to put in the Archos 
operating system, but according to others, it works.

This Ondio has 128mb of memory basic and can be added to by MMC 128 memory 
cards (£11 or so on Ebuyer). The unit at Ebuyer recently was under £40 and 
includes direct line recording to MP3, a tuner radio which I've not found all 
that startling but it works and you can record from it, and a voice recorder 
function which records pretty well.

Best wishes 

Gordon McFarlane
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  Hi All,

  Are there currently any mp3 players or the Arcos type jukeboxes where I can 
have speech added?


  Steve Hyde-Dryden

  MSN/Hotmail  steve_dryden@xxxxxxxxxxx

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