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Emma, does seem unfortunate you might have to waite until July to get to see the
Bookport and Book Currier - the latter in its present form may be discontinued
by July or August.

Wonder if any companies might be prepared to let you have either or both on a
sale or return basis.  I know of one or two businesses in the non-access tech
world who do indeed do this.

From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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Having read Brain Hartgen's page, I believe I am right in saying that
the Milestone won't play audible books. (If any one wants to correct
me and make me very happy then please do!)  In that case, I'm
interested in buying either a BookCourier or a BookPort, but would
really like to see them both and have a play with them before I commit
more than =A3200.  Does anyone know of a company that will let you
return products?  RNIB do, but they don't seem to sell either product.
 I've read loads of reviews but there is really no substitute to
having them in your hand!  I've booked myself a place at Sight Village
so may be able to view them in July, but my Ipod nano (the ultimate in
inaccessibility, and rockbox won't play audible books!) has just
packed up and I really could do with something before that.


Emma Jane Wright
School of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Nottingham


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