[access-uk] Re: Accessible Listen Again 2.3

  • From: "Vince Thacker" <vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:45:12 +0100

I can't say the BBC site is hard to navigate, but on the other hand the 
Accessible BBC Listen Again program does provide a very handy shortcut to links 
that are scattered around the BBC site. It's great when it works. Version 2.1 
still does.
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  From: Malcolm Parfitt 
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  Subject: [access-uk] Re: Accessible Listen Again 2.3

  I must admit I have just tried the latest version of this software and while 
  it claims to be playing there is no sound.

  I think the obvious question is why this program should be necessary at all?

  Why is the BBC's site difficult to navigate.  Surely an organisation like 
  the BBC should be aware of good web design or am I still naive or suffering 
  a mid-life crisis?

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  > Joe,
  > I suspect that you may have misunderstood the subject of this thread.
  > We were not talking about listening directly from the bBC site
  > itself but via the Accessible Listen Again program available from
  > http://www.webbie.org.uk/downloads.htm
  > The download link on the latter now points to version 2.3 although
  > most of us seem to have problems with it and have reverted to 2.1.
  > Accessible listen Again is simply an attempt to provide a qconvenient
  > interface without navigating the BBC site itself.
  > Hope that clarifies things,
  > Douglas
  > On 21 Jun 2006 at 8:54, Joe Paton wrote:
  >> Hi,
  >> How do you select either the new or older listen again players?
  >> having just been to radio4 listen again, and it works fine here. bearing
  >> in mind the problems folks are having with the new version, do I take it
  >> that I am listening to the older 2.1 version which still works?  Or am I
  >> listening to the newer version and one of a minority who that version
  >> works for?
  >> Thanks.
  >> Thanks.
  >> Joe
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