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Jackie, I liked the USB stick facility too.  A nice touch that.

Obviously in lieu of speech feedback a large number of presets is a
must.  On the subject of speech access, if these sets did use Symbian
as Nokia phones do, then Talks would be an option.  I don't see that
these sets are going ever to go down that road.  Of course this begs
the question as to whether this sort of thing could be integrated into
a mobile phone cum PDA.

I do find myself wondering, and this is just a speculation, whether
the voice tagging thing could still be workable as it obviously works
for the things that don't change, such as menu functions.  Couldn't it
maybe be modified so that you could record your own voice tags?  So,
having tuned into a station, you could press a button or two and
simply speak the name of the station.

At the end of the day though, what's lacking is any sort of strategy
to allow for standardized interfacing of access, say via an SD card;
and better still, making that mandatory through EU legislation.  I
know, cows might fly!

My proposal for a going price for added accessibility was simply what
I'd pay, and I know that what I reckon (I) can afford or want to pay
is different to the markup some business people would reckon to be
their due.


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Jackie Cairns
Subject: [access-uk] Re: Accessible Internet Radio

Ray, as stated before, I went for the radio with the most presets
because we
are going to need them at all costs to navigate this thing.  I also
the idea of the Intempo having a USB port to attach a pen or memory
and it has a dedicated ethernet port as well as wi-fi capability, so
put it
down as my first choice.  The other one I picked was the Ministry of
with its metal casing and 10 presets.

Above all else, this radio offers the ability to listen to stations
all over
the world, not just what the UK decides we can have.  The problem with
making an Internet radio accessible is that if the powers that be go
the road of tagging it like they did the Sonus or Netgem, it'll
outdate so
quickly there would be no point in having it.

Oh I can feel some motherly bribery coming on to get my baby away from
online game so he can help us with the radio.  The problem with
about with it on our own is that we don't know where we are at all, so
want to make a sort of starting point and see where our memory lends
to a sequence once you turn it on.  Regardless of what happens though,
claimed this.


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