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Big smiles!


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Hello Alison,

Well, off list, we were talking about comedy script writing the other day.so
here's my part serious, part comic take on Sky Talker:

I agree that sky talker is useful but:

1. It's a pity the foice sounds so much like the love-child of
Bluebottle from the Goons and Dobbie the harry Potter House Elf!

2. There are still too many situations in which it reports that: "No
audio-description is available".

3. Has it been possessed by the ghost of Fred Elliott from Coronation
Street? I said Fred Elliot from Coronation Street? It often takes far too
long, I said far too long, to say everything twice.

4. I wish when it had something to say, such as the on the hour time
announcement, it could fade down the programme you're watching, rather than
cut it out. So that you don't get interruptions at crucial moments, like:
"And the winner of this year's X factor is ten o'clock, ITV News and
Weather". You rotten swine you, you've deaded the programme again!



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There is also Sky Talker of course, but the voice is so awful! But it is
useful for providing a synopsis, indicating which channel you are on and
whether that programme has audio descripton.


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Hi all

Sky have a new level of accessibility for their Sky box and on-screen
menu's. You can now increase contrast and font size.





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