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  • From: "Ankers, Dave (UK)" <Dave.Ankers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 14:13:54 -0000

Hi Brian,

May I make a suggestion, It would be great if it were possible to
connect a screen reader equipped PC to both the TV and sky box, in order
to gain access to their menus, without the need to purchase expensive
equipment like the portset or whatever it was called, and also be able
to record programmes the same way as the SkyPlus service.



Dave Ankers
As part of the final edition of our Infotech magazine for 2008, we are
producing a very in depth feature about the position we find ourselves
in as visually impaired people concerning access to television.  
I would be very interested to receive feedback from list members
concerning the below points if people have time.  We would note quote
you specifically if people do not want that, and I would invite you to
write off list to me at brian.hartgen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
with any thoughts you may have rather than writing to the list.
Terry Clasper and I who produce the magazine are both sky Plus users and
in addition to our own usage of this system, there has been plenty of
traffic concerning this on various lists of late.  So we have a very
good idea about the problems and the merits of that.  However we are
interested in hearing about:
1. Whether audio description is available as part of the BBC iPlayer. I
don't think it is but want to check.  I will be talking about sub-titles
because there is value in that for deaf-blind people.
2. Do you find using services like ITV Catchup or any other on-line
services aart from the iPlayer a pleasant experience?
3. Does anyone have the new RNIB TVonics set top box and is that an easy
product to use?
4. Do you have anything else to write about concerning your experiences
of access to television which you think we should know about
particularly when using a computer.
If you would like to be interviewed for the article, for example if you
have one of the new RNIB set-top boxes and you feel you could give a
good description of it or talk about whether you feel it gives you good
access, please let us know and we can contact you by Skype or by
Thank you.
Brian Hartgen

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