[access-uk] Re: Access Technology from your friendly Social Worker?

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Well, George and others, the plott thickens!

When George says he's had orders placed by Social Services, is that here in
England, or in Scotland?

It may well be that under certain circumstances SS can help with the
purchase of equipment, but it would be very interesting to know under what
criteria.  Worth recalling that sometimes SS run work related initiatives,
some of them have rebranded Day Centre type activities as 'Social Firms'.
No doubt they can access other sources by doing so, as in some areas there
are development agencies with a mission to promote Social Firms.

Voluntary orgs are another matter.  Depending on how flush they are, or
whether you are a particularly valued user of theirs, they may cough up.  No
chance where I live as my local vol org has its organisational backside
hanging out of its trousers.  Its so poor these days.

Wouldn't surprise me if some individuals in the right position and in the
know managed to tap regional funding for groups of people like us who are
often left out in the cold when it comes to obtaining an 'IT driving
licence' type qualification.


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Hi Ray,
Trust me, Social Services do from time to time
order adaptive equipment (from us), though I'm not
entirely sure what their criteria is.


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