[access-uk] Re: Acapela Voices.

  • From: "Steve Nutt" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 13:57:40 +0100

Hi Roy,


Are you using the onboard sound card, or an extra sound card?  I use an SB
Live card, which is quite old, and the speech works pretty good on that.  I
just wondered, since on your spec, it shouldn't be jerky at all.


All the best





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Thanks to Steve sending a demo disk of Acapela voices I have had a chance to
try odd ones. I normally use Reed from Window-Eyes Eloquence, or Paul on
Satogo Dectalk. I found Peter and Ryan were acceptable for reading text
passages at a reasonable speed, found them slightly jerky with final
syllables sometimes clipped. However when typing using either of them I find
them rather sluggish, also the upper case letters are not announced in a
higher pitch, I definitely don't care for this. I have Skread installed on
my machine with Skype, using my normal voices, the Skread voice will
announce details whilst the other voice may be reading something else, this
doesn't happen with the Acapela voices, they are not trying to use the same
voice. My machine is a dual core 2.8Gb processor with 1Gb of ram, this makes
me suspect that the Acapela voices are memory hungry. I will be interested
in other users verdicts. 

Skype: roybannister4787

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