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  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 18:21:46 +0100

Hi Angela, 
Good to hear that! 

I only recently discovered that I could get AD on free-to-air TV over here! 

It was a happy discovery to be sure! 

I notice that my wife who can see leaves AD on  now when she watches and has no 
probs doing so either which is cool! 

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        my alex has a ad tv its brilliant

        love angela mctigue alex stone's fiancee

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          Sounds like what we have at home for our FTA except that of course we 
need to have a box for the satellite reception. 

          We don't have AD on our home channels here in Southern Ireland as yet 
so was interested. 

          A tip though to look out for when shopping again for a telly. 

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            You have to enable it on the TV, via settings in the menu system on 
the respective TVs, and there’s no spoken help to do that but once on it stays 
on until or unless you switch it off again at some point in the future. This 
way you will get on any programme on which it is available.  You don’t get the 
spoken channel names etc that you get with something like the netgem but at 
least it’s in there from the start you don’t need to buy an extra box.

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            Hi Adrian, 

            I have free-to-air satellite for our TV but am curious as to what 
built-in AD is about? 

            I mean when you turn on a Sony or Panasonic what then? 

            Is AD automatically spoken all the time it's available or do you 
have to say enable such as I have to do before starting to watch/listen on my 
present setup? 

            Is the advantage of such as say Sony for local terrestrial stations 

            Is it possible to elaborate? 

            By the way I'm enjoying my AD experience from the beeb and ITV on 



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